Sponsored Pets

Check out these cute critters that enjoy our live silkworms!

Sassy Silkz does not own any of these animals.

Meet Gucci, a two year old hedgehog who's hobbies include eating and sleeping. Don't get in the way of her food though, as this sassy animal might get a little hangry.


Meet Biscuit, a short tailed opossum. This photogenic cutie is always looking for a something to eat. He often demands a silkworm snack to punch and munch. Just look at that chomp!


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The Sassy Silkz Family

Meet the pets that live on the farm

Artemis is our charming leopard gecko. She enjoys getting cozy in the palms of our hands. She is our picky eater that prefers silkworms over other feeder insects.


Jeff is our giant desert hairy scorpion. This fascinating little guy won't put the silkworms down.



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