Silkworms For Sale Near Me

Buy Live Silkworms for a Nutritious Treat for Your Pet

No matter if your special pet is an amphibian, bird, or even a large fish, they think that worms are possibly the best food available. Give them something new to look forward to when you buy live silkworms from Sassy Silkz. Your pet benefits by activating their hunting skills and ingesting all the nutrients packed into our healthy worms. With a maximum size of three inches, they are a compact feeder that provides a hearty meal.

  Fresh is Best with Silkworms For Sale Near Me

It isn't always easy to find silkworms for sale near me, but if you live in the US, you are in luck. We raise our own silkworms on our farm in Oregon. Each purchase comes with enough mulberry leaf chow to feed your silkworms for up to a week, so your pet can enjoy a live silkworm with every meal. Dehydrated insects are convenient, but rapidly lose the protein and nutrients that a live silkworm includes with every bite.

  More Protein and Less Fat in an Enriching Package

When you opt to buy live silkworms, your exotic pet gets a snack that is higher in protein and calcium compared to other popular live feeders. Best of all, their hunting instincts are activated as they see the snack wiggle around their enclosure. Watch your pet begin to seek out food in, under, and around everything in their habitat. Finally, if you are worried about damaging the wild silkworm population, all silkworms are domesticated and are only found on farms around the world.

Buy live silkworms by checking out the online store and get silkworms delivered straight to your door. We ship to 48 out of the 50 states in the US and guarantee live worms upon delivery. Shop smarter and feed live silkworms from Sassy Silkz today.


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