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If your exotic pet didn't live in a warm home, they would be feasting on all types of insects in the wild. Feed their beast with our satisfying silkworms for sale. At Sassy Silkz, we decided that our own special pets deserved better variety in their diets and created our own silkworm farm. It is now super easy to order silkworms online and have live and wriggling feeders available to your pet every day of the week.

  Silkworms for Sale in the Size of Your Choice

Perhaps you thought that silkworms are only offered in a large three inch size suitable for large Koi and fully grown parrots. But, you can get silkworms for sale in small sizes that can be gobbled up by your frog, small lizard, and interested smaller parrots. If you have a good source of mulberry leaves, you can always order yours small and continue to feed them until they reach their largest size.

  Giving Your Exotic More Healthy Options

One of the most appealing aspects of silkworms is that they pack much more protein into each bit compared to other live feeders like crickets or mealworms. Fed a naturally lean diet, they also have less fat. Using live feeders also helps your exotic pet stay hydrated as each worm is filled with moisture. After you add silkworms to their mixed diet, you can see more activity, improved interest in eating, and a healthier skin or feathers.

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We will have your pet's treats packaged and shipped as soon as possible. We guarantee that every shipment arrives live, or just give us a ring and we will replace the order.


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