Live Silkworms For Sale Near Me

Score with Live Silkworms for Sale Near Me

How can you give your exotic pet something a little different with their meal tonight? Check out Sassy Silkz and our live silkworms for sale near me. Available in sizes that are suitable for your small lizard or full grown bearded dragon, our customers find them to be a delicious treat for hedgehogs, parrots, turtles, and frogs. They are grown right here on our farm in Oregon, so you get a truly fresh live feeder for your friend.

   Buy Silkworms Online and Get Them Sent Straight to You

If you don't have time to swing by our farm to make your purchase, you can buy silkworms online at our web store. We accept orders for as few as 35 and up to 1000 in small, medium, or large worm sizes. The small worms are less than half an inch long and the large max out at about three inches. We carefully time shipping days so your worms are guaranteed to arrive alive and spend as little time in the shipping system as possible.

  The Perfect Meal for Amphibians, Birds, and Your Large Fish

Did you know that the popular dried worms and crickets are missing many vital nutrients, even when they are dusted with vitamin powder? Our live silkworms are rich in protein, higher in calcium, and lower in fat compared to other live feeders. When you mix them in with the standard diet, you can see improved activity levels, a healthier skin, and more interest in feeding time. If your exotic pet likes to nibble on worms and insects, silkworms are a great option.

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