Live Silkworms For Sale

Live Silkworms for Sale Online

How often have you dropped by your exotic pet store and failed to find the live feeders that your lizard, fish, frog, or bird prefer? Keep them stocked up when you are buying silkworms online from Sassy Silkz. As exotic pet lovers and owners, we decided we didn't want to wait for fat, plump, and live silkworms to be in stock at our local store, so we breed and grow our own. We ship weekly, so you never have to wait long for your order, either.

  Quick and Easy Shipping Throughout the Country

Our farm is located in Oregon, but we have live silkworms for sale for 48 out of 50 states in the United States. We know that you want your worms to arrive live, so we limit our shipping days to minimize the time they spend in delivery vans and shipping containers. You just click to buy and we take care of the rest. Place your order for 35 to 1000. Every box arrives with a one week supply of food, so your worms can keep growing for a fresh and nutritious snack at any time.

  Buy Silkworms and Add Variety to Your Pet's Diet

Have you always fed your lizard or frog freeze dried crickets? When you add in our live silkworms for sale to their diet, watch them perk up and their skin loose that dull look. By buying silkworms, your feathered or scaly friends get more protein and less fat while keeping hydrated. It can also help an older animal that has become bored with their food by shaking up the variety found in their food bowls.

It only takes a minute to place your order from Sassy Silkz. Buy a few for a change or order enough to kick start your own perpetual supply.


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