Live Silkworms

Order Live Silkworms for Your Lizard, Frog, Birds, and Fish

Are you looking for a nutritious and fun option for feeders for your exotic pets? Sassy Silkz are farmers of live silkworms that can be shipped straight to you and provide a nice change of pace for your carnivorous feeders. Our clients feed these plump worms to their large goldfish, dragons, frogs, and even birds. Unlike dehydrated crickets that offer more powdered vitamins than actual food, our worms are all natural and arrive ready to eat or continue to grow for up to a week.

  Reputable Silkworm Company that Guarantees Each Delivery

We do weekly shipments of our silkworms timed so that your silkworms remain in the delivery system for as short a time as possible. They are guaranteed to arrive live and wiggling, ready to be fed or raised. Each shipment contains enough food to keep the silkworms growing for up to seven days. If there is a problem with the shipment, just contact us upon receipt and we will ship out a replacement.

  High Protein, Low Fat, and Full of Flavor

Did you know that silkworms not only give your exotic pet a different taste, but they are also packed with more protein compared to other popular live feeders. They grow up eating mulberry leaves, so they are also naturally lean. When offered with a combination of other foods and feeders, your pet will be happier and healthier. Silkworms can be ordered in a size just right for your tiny amphibian or full-grown parrot.

We are a silkworm company that makes it easier for you to source nutritious and tasty choices for your pet. Hop on our online store and select the size and number of worms that you want. We will have them packaged and mailed out at the beginning of the week. For bulk orders, just give Sassy Silkz a call for an accurate quote.


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