A Bit About Us

At Sassy Silkz, we are driven by our dedication to offer a superior product for those in search of the best silkworms.

Established in 2020, Sassy Silkz is a family operated silkworm farm based out of Oregon.

​In search of the best feeder insects for our pet toads, we stumbled across the silkworm. Upon research, we came to our conclusion that silkworms are the most nutritious feeder insects to date. However, we also discovered that we didn't know where to buy live silkworms. They are high in demand, but hard to find.

At our farm, we strive to provide the best care for our silkworms from the day they hatch to the day they leave our farm. As a domesticated species, they depend on humans for their care. From an exclusive diet of mulberry chow, to the finest of air purification systems, we ensure they are happy and healthy. 


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